FO post – Socks!

One for all the knitters – my first FO post! (for non-knitters FO stands for finished object)

Felix has delivered my birthday present, and within a month of my birthday too so on past performance this can be considered an “early” present :-)

Ladies and Gentleman, it is my great honour and privilege to introduce the star of today’s post – the Walk2012 socks!

The amazing walk2012 socks, modelled by me!

The yarn is from Blacker Designs in Launceston, Cornwall. The green yarn is pure dyed Corriedale wool and the brown yarn is pure (undyed) Black Welsh Mountain wool. The donor sheep look like this:

Corriedale sheep (photo:

Black Welsh Mountain sheep (photo:

The design features various aspects of the walk2012 route: on the green sock we have seagulls, Durdle Door, The sign for the Square and Compass pub at Worth Matravers, New Forest ponies, and “Walk”; and the brown sock has pigeons, a narrowboat, Richmond Park deer, Tower Bridge, and “2012”.

walk2012 socks - with Durdle Door, Tower Bridge and more!

The socks look fantastic and feel wonderful on my feet. I am really pleased that they are made using wool from British sheep breeds. Bit of zeitgeist too – there is a campaign to get wool into the 2012 Olympics!

In an earlier post I proclaimed the amazing properties of my Chocolate Fish merino base layer from New Zealand. I have since found out that Finisterre have been working with a UK breed called Bowmont so hopefully people will be raving about their base layers and a cracking little British sheep breed soon.

Happy feet – happy days!

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4 Responses to FO post – Socks!

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  2. Frances Burton says:

    I absolutely love your birthday socks! – a friend of Felix :-)

  3. Knit Nurse says:

    What a spectacular achievement! I am really impressed!

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